Two Sided Plays

Princeton Atelier: Two Sided Plays

with Laurie Anderson
assisted by Perry R. Cook
Tuesdays, 1:30 - 4:20, 185 Nassau 219

Registrar's Course Description

"What to Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes

(An Evening of Final Project Performances)
April 30, 2009, 7:30 PM, Matthews Studio, 185 Nassau

Lainie and Markus

"Academic Hubris"

"What to Do"
Kate and Mara

"New Prosthetics"
Anne and Harrison

"You're The Boss"
Ryan and Rachel

"Scene 72"
Betsey and Samson

James and Ingmar

"What a Pleasure"

Show day schedule
4:30 PRC there, space available
6:00 call, all hands on deck
7:00 house opens
7:30 Showtime!

April 29, Tech/Runthru in Matthews Space:
10:00 PRC there,
folks drop by to check out space, tech, rehearse
4:30, Laurie arrives, run/tweak pieces
7:30 Program Order

April 28, Tech in Matthews Space:
12:30 Perry Loads in Equipment
folks drop by to check out space, tech, rehearse

No Meeting April 21st

For April 14th:
We'll be talking a bit theoretically about structure. 

Please bring in two examples of structures that use 
opposition-can be amy media. 

We'll also discuss final performances, and scheduling
for run-throughs/rehearsals.

No meeting on the 21st, and we won't meet again 
until run throughs on 29th.

Project 3 Videos:

Three pieces of text, a minute or so each Three sounds (sound makers, sound/music files 3 minutes or so)










For March 31 and April 7, 2009: Sound Tech Days!

Laurie brought her rig.

Perry brought some stuff to demo.

Konrad brought some new stuff he's working on for Laurie.

Ben and Perry demoed Bio-Control for Singers (VAChorale)

You will bring:

Three pieces of text, a minute or so each Three sounds (sound makers, sound/music files 3 minutes or so)

March 24, 2nd Projects (Operas), Frist Theater

-Make a five minute performance.
-Write a dialogue using pronoun protagonists
(Choose between I/you he/she us/them)
-Use 3 different media
-Performance must include a sad song, an ad, and 
a moral dilemma.

Rachel and Kate: Mary's a Bitch

Mara and Glenn: Tough Crowd

Sam: Donna Donna

Mendi and James: Parable

Ryan and Josh: Of Mice and Men

Markus and Ingmar: The Riemann Hypothesis

Lainie and Betsey: Decadence

Special Bonus Duet!

First meeting: Who?

Assignment: February 24, 1st Projects (Operas),
presented during class time, but
in the Frist Center Theater (top floor on the left)
4 minutes, two characters, do something new (for you)

2nd meeting:

Third Meeting: February 24, 1st Projects (Operas), Frist Theater

Josh and James: Big Dog

Anne and Rachel: Motor Skills

Sam and Ingmar: Canicula

Katie and Ryan: Thailand

Lainie: Dog/Motor/Catastrophe

Glen and Mendi: 180

Markus and Mara: Untitled

Thoughts: Difficulty of starting a show/performance
Really great title is hard, but helps so much.

Assignment for next time:
Bring two texts- each about a page or 3-4 minutes if spoken.
Can be any source - novel, manual, ad copy, blog - whatever.
The voice and style of the two pieces should be very different
but they should have a similar subject (loosely interpreted!)

Week 4:
Site visit to Mathews theater to talk about April show.
2nd Projects: Solo or duo?

Some "filters" Laurie has used:

Many read their two texts. Dinosaurs, digestion, waitressing, eugenics, punishment, genocide, Glengarry, Glen Ross, Gatsby, impeachment, architecture, modern music,

For next week, March 10: The News!
Pick a story from the front page of the newspaper
- print or electronic. 

From the same front page (or -if the source is electronic- 
from ten stories featured that day)  choose two characters. 

Write a four minute argument or conversation between these two. 

Set it in some form of transportation.

Important Dates: