Perry R. Cook

Princeton U.
Computer Science
also Music

MUS 534, TeQWire*
Voice & Technology
History and Practice

10:AM - 12:30
Woolworth Studio B

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*TeQWire is a wacky
word combining
"Technology" and "Choir"

Schedule: (More Coming Soon!!)

Week # DateTopic(s)ReadingListeningSinging
Week 1
Feb. 6
Voice Acoustics, Physiology, Neurology
Speech/Song Articulation
Voice Pitch (General Pitch/Loudness)
Cook Chaps 1-3

Cook PsychBook

Listen Up! Articulatory Conducting
F1F2 Space Conducting
Week 2
Feb. 13
Visual Voice,
Vision vs. Audition
Voice and Audio Visualization
Singing Voice vs. Speech
Vibrato, Singer's Formant, More
Cook Chaps. 4-5

Sundberg Book

Listen Up! Lots of warbling into
"Circle of FLKS?"
Week 3
Feb. 20
BioMedical Voice
Vocal Noise
Cook Chaps. 6-7 Listen Up! "Anne's Experiment?"
Week 4
Feb. 27
Space, Echo, Delay, Architecture
Special Guest: Bob Pritchard
Cook Chaps. 8-9 Listen Up! Bob's Demos
Week 5
Mar. 5
Notation, Conducting
Broadcast, Microphones
Cook Chaps. 10-11 Listen Up! PRC Credo?
Week 6
Mar. 12
TechBand Concert Post-mortem
Tear up and build things
Cook Chaps. 12-13 Listen Up! TechBandPieces
Week 7
Mar. 19
Week 8
Mar. 26
Amplifiers, Antique
hearing aids, some Patents
Cook Chaps. 15-16 Listen Up! Ran Out Of Time
Week 9
Apr. 2
Theremin, Hearing aids
Lots of ChucK Programming
Cook Chap. 16 Listen Up! Lots of Perry
Singing Thru ChucK
Week 10
Apr. 9
More ChucK, hearing aids, Amplifiers Cook Chap. 16 Listen Up! Things and stuff
Week 11
Apr. 16
Musical/Vocal Machines
Music Boxes, other Automata
Cook Chap. 18 Listen Up! Video Tapes of Musical Machines
Week 12
Apr. 23
No Class, PLOrk @ Carnegie Hall Cook Chap. 19 Listen Up! SiliBand with ACO
Week 13
Apr. 30
Last Class :-(
Tools for Voice Analysis,
and Modification (research stuff)
Listen Up! Georgian Peaches,
2/3 of Celestial Mechanics
Yummy Snacks! (thanx Lainie)

Course Description:

Who might be interested in attending:

Each week we will:

Outside Class You Will:

Those of you who have been participating in TechBand
(PLOrk++) seminar this semester are vigorously encouraged
to continue into TeQWire, 'cause we'll continue to build
some of the things we started this semester. New people
are even more vigorously encouraged to join TeQWire, as
I assure you that TechBand is not a prereq.

Reading: Chapters from new book near completion
plus other papers and book chapters.

Writing, Assignments: Individual reports/projects/presentations
on topics of interest. Lots of listening, too.