TeQWire and VAChorale Vocal Performances

Techband Concert, March 13, 2008
Whitman (Class of '70) Theater

  • Credoit I, by Perry Cook
    (2008) for Singer and Two Laptops
    Perry Cook, Singer/Speaker-Builder/Programmer
    Laptops: Thump and Voce

  • Three Heads, by Anne Hege
    (2008) for "Tape Machine," Singer, and Two Tape Wranglers
    The Celestial Mechanics: Lainie Fefferman, Sarah Paden, Anne Hege

  • L'Ode de Printemps, by Jascha Narveson
    (2008) for Three Singers With One WiiMote Each
    The Georgian Peaches: Jascha Narveson, Michael Early, John Graham